Religious Education

The religious education program at NSUU is an exciting and warm place where you and your child will have experiences you may never have thought you would have in church. Our UU religion is a process more than a statement , and a journey more than a destination. It is how we live all the time rather than a thing we do on Sunday morning or a set of beliefs we can recite. Although we have no creed, we learn how to live by the Seven Unitarian Universalist principles that form the foundation of our faith.
Our program includes Sunday morning sessions at 11am (during the regular worship service) for ages 5 through High School that are planned to acknowledge differences in learning styles, and engage a child’s body, spirit, imagination, and sense of curiosity. During our time together, we share stories, games, art projects, discussion and more. A children’s playground is available before and after the service, and children 5 and under are welcomed in our nursery.